Monday, July 16, 2012

On the Run

On August 11 I will be running the Koman Race for the Cure 5K. I haven't ran in a race in YEARS! Back in the day I entered every 5K I could.

I remember a Wendy's fun run which was a pairs race. I didn't have a partner so they paired me up with this guy and we combined our times. We came in second place.

And there was a run for a fundraiser for the local hospital. Our running shirts were green scrubs (very cool). We looked like M.A.S.H. refugees.

The cool thing about 5Ks and fun runs is that you get to meet other runners and hear their stories. Every body's got a story, yeah? You also get orange juice and yogurt after the race. And some cool prizes.

I'm in training. I've been running several times a week since April when the weather started warming up. My left knee and right foot no longer bother me but I have to be careful because of previous injuries. My running shoes are designed to help with my pronation problem. So far so good.

My morning runs are great. I listen to a classic rock radio station that plays tunes from the 60s and 70s  --It's Only Rock and Roll, I'm a Believer, White Rabbit, Bad LeRoy Brown, Bennie and the Jets. . . you get the idea.

And of course my favorite: "Band on the Run." 


Craig Edwards said...

Sounds great! Best of luck with the run - have you heard of the smartphone app Zombie Run? It combines your phone's music playlist with an adventure story that has you outrunning zombies (you hear them in your ears) and achieving survival goals as you rack up distance.

Zelda said...

Zelda: Awesome! I'm a runner as well. It's my favorite form of exercise.

Luana said...

Craig: Zombie Run! Sounds very cool. That should keep me going. Love it!

Luana said...

Zelda: Runners RULE! I was thinking about running in the Buffalo Stampede (5K/10K) this Saturday, but it seems really hard core. Not sure I'm up to it. Will keep ya'll posted.

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