Friday, October 23, 2009

Be Happy

Browsing at Barnes and Noble the other day, I came across an amazing little book called "Be Happy" by Monica Sheehan.

The delightful line drawings by Sheehan illustrate each "happy" tidbit. For example:

Have a sense of wonder


Reach out

Don't lose hope

Stop being a victim

Love your work

Don't compare yourself with others

I'm keeping this book here at my desk so I can refer to it often.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love Happens

Hubby and I went to see Love Happens this week at our local cineplex. I'd read the reviews and they weren't good. But I liked the movie, and so did hubby.

The movie was promoted as a "romantic dramedy," whatever that is. The romance was not the key issue in the film. It was about how people deal with the death of a loved one; a psychological character study. Not a romance, in my opinion. Although Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart were on the road to becoming "significant others" at the end of the movie, they never kissed until the final scene.

There was humor, which was desperately needed for balance. Best funny scenes:

Aaron stealing the parrot from Martin Sheen's kitchen.
Jennifer and Aaron's confrontationin the men's room

I did not like the epilogue scene tagged on at the end of the movie in which the parrot returned to Martin Sheen after it was set free in the wild. Why was this included? I think it detracted from the sweet finale with Jennifer and Aaron in the flower shop.

Foxy News

Just observing that all the women reporters on Fox News (and other cable "news" channels) could moonlight as fashion models. They are young, reveal cleavage and look like they should be on the cover of Marie Claire.

Hello! This is supposed to be news, people! Yeah, I know. It's television. They can't have a woman who looks like a normal person on the NEWS! It's all about ratings, right? It's all about money, right?

But why is it that the MEN can be old and ugly and nobody cares?

Just wondering.