Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex and the City 2

No, I haven't seen it yet. Just the movie trailers. Carrie and the gang in Abu Dhabi. Okee dokee.

There were some bad reviews. Okay, fine. It's not "Citizen Kane" but who cares? You've got beautiful, smart women, fabulous clothes, exotic locations and handsome hunks. What else can you ask for?

Personally, I'm a fan of John Corbett (Northern Exposure, Serendipity, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Raising Helen). So even if the movie is as bad as they say, watching John in a few scenes will be totally worth it. So there.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iron Sharpens Iron

I've always been a fan of Robert Downey Jr. His screen presence is incredibly dynamic, even if he has a small part in a scene, there is something compelling about him that draws you in.

Iron Man 2 is your classic super hero film with lots of action, explosions and clashing metal. I really enjoyed Don Cheadle's performance as Iron Man's sidekick.

I think the first film was better. I'm not much for sequels. Only two exceptions: Rocky III and The Empire Strikes Back.

Best lines:

TONY STARK: I have successfully privatized world peace.

And let's not forget Hammer Time:

JUSTIN HAMMER: I'd love to leave my door unlocked at night, but this ain't Canada.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day of the Living Dead

You may have noticed I've been absent from my blog lately. The reason? Total and complete exhaustion!

I've increased my work load which means more money, but less time. Also, my avocations have taken on a life of their own. Art, music, drama, event planning, baking, gardening, renovating the house, reading, Bible study, blogging, making movies, writing. Not enough hours in the day.

Not to mention the weather is beautiful and and I don't like being indoors working when I can be outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

The first step in handling the chaos is to set priorities. Which is what I'm doing. I make a list. I check it off. It's exhilarating to check things off a list. I don't if there are any other list-makers out there, but if you're one, you know what I'm talking about.

Future events?
May 21 -- working front-of-house for community theatre production of "Private Eyes"
May 22 -- church garage sale
May 30 -- VBS planning meeting: I'm the director this year so I'm "in charge"
June 6 -- church drama performance of sketch "The Finest Church in America"

Take some classes in web design, photoshop and video editing.
Create a painting of poppies for my bedroom.
Re-learn Joplin's "Pineapple Rag"
Run three days a week.
Get video editing software and make a movie.

That's all. For now.