Thursday, November 25, 2010

Morning Glory

Hubby and I went to see "Morning Glory" this week. I wasn't impressed.


Becky Fuller was so manic she made me dizzy. Running everywhere and talking nonstop, it was over-the-top ridiculous. Anne Hathaway could get away with it in "The Devil Wears Prada." Marlo Thomas could get away with it in "That Girl." But Rachel McAdams didn't pull it off. She's cute, though. I think that counts for something.

The scenes with Rachel and Jeff Goldblum could have been funnier. Goldblum is hilarious with the right lines. Remember his short bit in "Annie Hall"? At Tony's party he phones his guru and says, "I forgot my mantra." Woody Allen knows "funny."

Harrison Ford looked like he was doing an impression of Clint Eastwood. His facial expression didn't change throughout the entire film. Is this "acting"? I think not. There are many ways to portray a gruff character. All Harrison did was grimace and growl. Come on, Harry, I know you have what it takes to make your character interesting (Did someone say, Indiana Jones?)

Background music was distracting.


Diane Keaton was terrific. I wish she and Harrison had more screen time.

Patrick Wilson. As soon as he appeared on screen, I thought "What's Paul Newman doing in this movie?" Patrick/Paul was fantastic. Eye candy to be sure. Nice work, casting department.

Cinematography was excellent. Nice shots of the city and the interior compositions were beautiful.

Even in a film this lukewarm, I was surprised to see the visual metaphor of the "door." Becky was struggling with doors throughout the film, symbolizing her wanting to "get in"; opening doors of opportunity, in her career and personal life .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Winter of My Discontent

Rant Alert!

Why do people freak out so much about getting "old"? What's the big deal? Everybody gets old. It's a fact of life. It's the second law of thermodynamics. Deal with it.

Me? I'm 53 years old. I'm what society calls a "baby boomer." I hate that term. I've always hated it. I also hate those other labels: Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z...what comes after Gen Z? Does Gen Z even exist? They sound like the names of spaceships in a sci-fi novel.

Yes. My hair is turning gray. I'm getting wrinkles on my face and age spots on my arms. So what?

And let's not forget to mention the commercials for wrinkle cream, orthopedic shoes, denture cream, ensure, depends and oat bran. Where is the "old" man or woman hiking in the mountains, building a house, flying a plane? Too adventurous? Well, then, what about going to the theatre, working in an office, fixing a car, walking a dog or even baking a cake? No, the old people are seen sitting in front of the television watching "Wheel of Fortune," wrapped in Snuggies and sipping hot tea.

I'm really starting to get annoyed at all the "age" jokes out there that ridicule and stereotype older people. I admit, I never paid much attention before. I even laughed at the humor myself. But now I take it personally and I'm offended. Call the ACLU!

Okay, let's talk about clothes. What is going on? As soon as you hit 50 you're doomed to elastic waist polyester pants and floral blouses? Do you seriously think a woman of a certain age should be walking around in mini-skirts and tank tops? Is there no middle ground?! (Yes, I'm exaggerating, but it's a rant after all.) Not that there aren't pretty clothes at all for older ladies, but you have to work hard to find them. You have to search. You have to dig. And when you find a store that sells clothes you can actually wear, you feel like a miner in the gold rush days. Eureka!

To quote Miranda Priestly in "The Devil Wears Prada":  That's all.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Are You Kidding?

I laughed my socks off when I read this "real life" blurb in our newspaper today:

HEADLINE: Man steals thousands of newspapers to keep pal's misdeed secret.

STORY: A man who acknowledged stealing thousands of free copies of a Colorado resort town's two daily newspapers because his friend was named in police blotters has made a public apology.

The Aspen Daily News and The Aspen Times both printed an apology letter Friday from 23-year-old Mitchell Reed of Carbondale, who agreed to write the apology to avoid criminal theft charges.

Reed stole thousands of papers on November 5 because one of his friends was in that day's police blotter in both publications for a drug arrest. A maintenance worker told police that Reed dumped the papers in trash bins behind an area grocery store, and Reed confessed to the theft.

ME: This is the craziest thing I've ever heard. I mean, who does this? It's something Lucy Ricardo would do. I like starting my day with a laugh but who would have thought it would be in a news report?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Joni Mitchell Tribute

I've been in a strange mood lately. Poetic, introspective, quiet. Joni Mitchell's songs from her "Clouds" album are perfect for such times.

I bought this album in the late 1970s, years after it was released. She was into jazz sounds by then. I found out some things about her. She is an artist and painter. She is from Canada. She is an amazing songwriter and her voice is unlike any other. I also found out, through her songs, that she has experienced loneliness, loss, fear, happiness and peace. Her songs speak to my heart. I have no idea how she reaches into my soul and sings the words that I feel but cannot express.

Her song, "I Think I Understand" is one of my favorites on this album. It's about Fear...facing it and overcoming it. The words are filled with beautiful imagery. Note the metaphor for Fear, Uncertainty, and the Shadow. My favorite stanza is the one that paints a picture of "sleepy rooftops round the harbor". 

Daylight falls upon the path, the forest falls behind
Today I am not prey to dark uncertainty
The shadow trembles in its wrath, I've robbed its blackness blind
And tasted sunlight as my fear came clear to me

I think I understand
Fear is like a wilderland
Stepping stones or sinking sand

Now the way leads to the hills, above the steeple's chime
Below me sleepy rooftops round the harbor
It's there I'll take my thirsty fill of friendship over wine
Forgetting fear but never disregarding her

Sometimes voices in the night will call me back again
Back along the pathway of a troubled mind
When forests rise to block the light that keeps a traveler sane
I'll challenge them with flashes from a brighter time

Oh, I think I understand
Fear is like a wilderland
Stepping stones or sinking sand

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Radio Theatre

Our drama team is having a script reading meeting next Saturday to prepare for our Valentine's Day Radio Theatre. Rehearsals will start in January but the scripts have to be selected soon so we can start planning the program.

I have a huge stack of scripts gleaned from my collection of sketch books, plus a few that I wrote myself. But that's only part of the program. We are also going to add commercials, jokes, and musical interludes.

It's a 1940s radio theatre, so we will be wearing costumes of the era. In fact, I'm on the hunt for the perfect vintage 1940s dress. I actually bought a wig inspired by Bette Davis in "All About Eve." So cool!

We're doing a Twilight Zone sketch I wrote called "A Good Book," about a bookstore owner who takes pride in helping people find the books they want. A customer requests a book that seems too good to be true and unlike any book every written. In fact, the author is out of this world.

What's a radio theatre without music? We're going to have Big Band music playing before the show and a lip-syncing bit with classic songs by Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters, etc. There will also be theme music playing to introduce some of the sketches.

Did someone say Foley Artist? We will be doing sound effects with bells, buzzers, foot steps, doors, etc.

It's a dessert theatre so there will be refreshments during the show; dessert and finger foods. And then there's the decoration: Valentine's Day theme along with classic radio theatre personalities.

So here I am in November thinking about Valentine's Day.