Friday, August 19, 2005

Hey, Dude

Trevor: (greeting his friend Josh outside the mall) Dude!

Josh: (flashing Trevor a twisted-hand gesture with pinky and thumb extended) Dude.

Trevor: (puts hands in pockets of his baggy jeans) Duuude.

Josh: (flaps his arms like a chicken) Dude . . .

Trevor: (adjusts volume on his iPod) DUDE!

Josh: (gawks at girl walking by in low-slung jeans and a belly ring) DUUUDE!!!

Trevor: (puts his baseball cap on backwards) dude.

Josh: (counts the change in his pocket) Dude?

Trevor: (flashes his father’s MasterCard) Dude!

Josh: (high-fives Trevor) Duuude!

Josh and Trevor: (enter mall as the girl in low-slung jeans and belly ring walks out) DUUUUUUDDDDE!!!

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