Friday, September 30, 2005

A Funny Thing Happened in the Garden of Eden

I'm an actor in a church drama team. We perform comedy sketches during our two morning worship services that relate to the pastor's message and help to get the point across.

A couple of weeks ago, we did an Adam and Eve sketch. I was Eve. We were to go on stage in the middle of the pastor's sermon. But we didn't know our cue to start. We were all backstage, wired for sound, saying things like:

Eve: When do we go on?
Adam: I don't know.
Serpent: What's our cue?
Adam: Is he ready for us yet?
Eve: (peeking out the door) I'm not sure. He's just standing there.
Serpent: Oh, no! Our microphones are on!

Needless to say, everyone in the auditorium heard our backstage banter. I accidentally crashed into a couple of metal folding chairs, making a terrible racket. We finally figured it was time to go on and just went out and did the sketch. Afterwards, everyone said how much they enjoyed it. They thought the backstage bit was part of the sketch!

The second service performance was perfect with no problems. Live and learn.

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