Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tweety Bird

(A song parody sung to the tune of "Yesterday")

Tweety Bird
Smeared in mustard with a side of curd
Scrump-deli-ishus is the only word
Oh, I must eat that Tweety Bird

Tweety Bird
Singing swinging in a cage pampered
Granny konks me 'til my vision's blurred
Oh, I must eat that Tweety Bird

When that anvil fell on my tail
I screamed in pain
He said, "Now take that
Puddy Tat!"
Then waxed insane

Tweety Bird
Some consider you a harmless nerd
But you're sadistic and a tad absurd
Oh, I must eat that Tweety Bird


gloria said...

Egads! is right. I've been fighting with blogger for months ever since it became impossible to upload images onto my blog. Pray tell how did you do this? Do you use Firefox or one of those things? I was able to get one image on then it just wouldn't work anymore. But enough ranting, love your Tweety Bird post and the pic is a nice touch. Where did you get it?


Luana Krause said...

Thanks, Gloria. Glad you liked it. I got the Tweety photo here: