Thursday, May 31, 2007

Coffee Klatch

A One-Minute Play
by Luana Krause

(Cordelia and Phoebe are sitting at kitchen table drinking coffee.)

CORDELIA: So where is he now?

PHOEBE: In the basement.

CORDELIA: The basement? How did you get him down there?

PHOEBE: It wasn’t too difficult. I had so much adrenaline flowing through my body I could have lifted a bulldozer. I wrapped a towel around his head and dragged him by the feet.

CORDELIA: Good idea. The towel, I mean.

PHOEBE: His head still thumped on each step, though. Couldn’t do much about that.

CORDELIA: What time did you…?

PHOEBE: Four-thirty.

CORDELIA: I was watching “Oprah.”

PHOEBE: Yes. We were both watching “Oprah.” Here at your house. Right?


PHOEBE: Who was on the show?

CORDELIA: Um…I think it was Nathan Lane.

PHOEBE: Well, was it Nathan Lane or not?

CORDELIA: Yes. I’m sure it was Nathan Lane.

PHOEBE: He’s wonderful. Sorry I missed it.

CORDELIA: Me, too. More coffee?

PHOEBE: Yes, please.


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