Friday, February 20, 2009

Baker Lady

Yep. I'm in the baking mood. Been doing it since December getting ready for the holidays. It all started on Thanksgiving when I made a New York cheesecake with dark chocolate cookie crust. My brother loved it...he was surprised I'd made it "from scratch"...he's used to the store-bought cheesecakes.

That's how I broke in my brand spankin' new Kitchen Aid mixer! (Early Christmas present from hubby).

For Christmas I made some ginger pumpkin bread, lemon poppyseed bread, fudge, peanut clusters, peppermint bark and sugar cookies.

For my friends at church I made some sugar cookies shaped like sheep using my Brown Bag cookie molds (these molds are collector's items now; they don't make them anymore. I have two: a sheep and a rabbit).

I also made some birthday cakes for friends and cupcakes for kids at church. I bought a couple of new cookie cook books and made some delicious butter cookies and chocolate cookies for my work colleagues.

For the last few weeks I've been making lemon poppyseed bread and butter cookies for church. I made valentine cookies (heart shaped butter cookies) for my grandkids.

This weekend I'm making oatmeal raisin cookies to share with friends from church.


Danny Dunne said...

I'll take an oatmeal raisin! But it all sounds yummy. And none of it on my diet.


Luana Krause said...

I totally understand about diets. Hubby and I are both cutting back on the junk food and trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. That's why my baked goods always go to someone else. I love baking but I don't want to eat the goodies.