Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Day in the Life

Got a lot done today. Sewed curtains for the bathrooms (dark green with leaf print). Finished chapter 8 in my XHTML book. Updated Carly's blog and website. Studied Windows Movie Maker tutorial so I can learn the program; want to make a real movie. Watch out, Spielberg!

House work was a top priority. It's the only day of the week I can get it done (vacuumed, swept floors, etc.) I made meatloaf and asparagus for dinner.

Worked out on the elliptical while watching "Supersize Me," the documentary about the guy who ate McDonalds three meals a day for a month. Great movie! You'll never eat fast food again.

This afternoon I went for a walk and encountered a mean dog. Thanks to the Dog Whisperer I knew how to react: calm, assertive energy, no talk, no eye contact, no touch (as if!)  The creature backed off. Thank God!

I watched a little TV. Frost/Nixon again (recorded on DVR) and tonight saw Gabriel Iglesias on Comedy Central. Looking forward to Last Comic Standing this summer.

I didn't check off every item on my list. I still need to update my business blog and write the bio for my website. I had planned to go for a run, but I woke up to a blizzard. Spring in Wyoming.

I'm really missing my runs. I used to run about 15 miles a week. Then in 07 I hurt my knee, which cut down on my running for at least six months. Not long after I started up again, I hurt my foot. Plantar fasciitis. Again no running for several months. 

During that time off, I started to wimp out. I used to run at 6:00 a.m. in the dark, in freezing temperatures. It never bothered me. But now the cold is a problem and I don't like to run in the dark. The elliptical machine is a life saver. I use it almost every day but it's not like running.

This past Wednesday (April 21), I ran for the first time in MONTHS. It felt wonderful. My goal was to run for 30 minutes and I made it. Just barely. I want to work up to running three days a week for 45 minutes, and do the elliptical the other days.

Speaking of goals, I'm looking forward to taking classes at the college this fall. It will be so exciting learning website design/development. I'm getting my feet wet with the XHTML book and photoshop.

Life is an adventure. But it's also very frightening. I trust God to lead me and guide me. He never lets me down.

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