Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Casey James!

Okay, so I'm totally loving Casey! He's always been in my top three along with Crystal and Andrew, but I have a feeling he will make it to the end. I'm predicting a head-to-head with Crystal.

My dad is a fan of the show. This is the first season he's been watching. All along he thought Casey was the best. We have a lot to discuss.

Loved Lennon/McCartney week. As a die-hard Beatles fan, I had a blast watching the performances:

The Long and Winding Road (Aaron: no change in arrangement, pretty dull)

Let It Be (Katie: her best performance to date; relaxed, confident, connected w/audience)

Can't Buy Me Love (Andrew Garcia: not that great, but he had a lot of energy)

Eleanor Rigby (Big Mike: fabulous)

Come Together (Crystal: found the soul and totally rocked it)

All My Loving (Tim: his best performance to date; and with that hair, he even looked like a Beatle)

Jealous Guy (Casey: BEST OF NIGHT! I'd never heard that song before. He played acoustic guitar accompanied by cello...wonderful)

Across the Universe (Siobhan: not good; rather boring)

Hey Jude (Lee: FANTASTIC...brought in a bag pipe player at the end...very strange but cool)

So who will go home? Hard to say, but I think Tim, Andrew and Siobahn will be in bottom three.

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