Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Picture This!

I'm chasing down my dream. Finally signed up for a digital photography class this fall! I've been wanting to do this for years but it never seemed to fit my schedule...until now.

A little history: In high school I fantasized about being a photographer for National Geographic. My parents had subscribed to that magazine for years; in fact, my dad still has every single issue from 1970 to 1975.  I dreamed I would travel the world with my camera and live a glamorous, adventurous life. But God had other plans and I got married, had two kids, and got a Master's in psychology. Go figure.

Anyway, I continued to pursue photography as a hobby. I'm the family picuture-taker and capture precious family moments on film (until we went digital, that is). But I also photograph what I call "art" shots. I walk around and find something interesting to shoot. What can I say? It's who I am. It's what I do.

I took this photo of the side of building downtown where I work.
The open window at the top tells a story.
I love the contrasting textures of the wall.


Jenny said...

I've dabbled in photography for years and always wondered what it would be like to get serious about it. Good for you to sign up for a class. Have fun!

Luana Krause said...

Thanks, Jenny. I did take a photography class in high school and in my senior year I sent for a college catalog to Brooks College of Design in Los Angeles. I knew we could never afford it, but I loved day dreaming about it.