Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Weird Breakfast

Today I had a weird breakfast:

Cereal (Great Grains w/Pecans and Dates)
Cheddar cheese cubes w/saltine crackers
2 Klondike ice cream sandwiches.


NOTE: This is not my usual breakfast which typically includes only the first two items. Not sure why I ate the cheese and ice cream -- maybe because I had just gone for a run and was STARVING!

What's your weirdest breakfast?


anthony stemke said...

Whats weird about this bkfst? You got the major food groups - cheese,nuts, grain and ice cream. People could learn a lot from you. CM.

Luana Krause said...

Anthony: LOL...I never thought of it that way. But on a typical day, the idea of eating ice cream in the morning doesn't sound very appetizing.

Craig Edwards said...

During a weird bit of time early in my sophomore year of high school I was getting up very early (5:30am) for school on the same schedule as my father - it's a long story as to why - which I figured out when I typed about half of it in here and the comment box started looking tired - anyway, each morning during that time I was eating a microwaved bowl of Chef-Boy-R-Dee with a big glass of Mello Yello to wash it down. I thought my pop was going to ralph into his coffee - though it's possible that was more my table manners than my breakfast choices...hard to say...

Luana Krause said...

Craig, that is disgusting. I can smell it from here. For some reason teens have the digestive system of a cast iron skillet. My brother used to eat chocolate Hostess cupcakes and Pepsi for breakfast.