Friday, July 13, 2012

Ruby Juice

Alison and I went to Ruby Juice yesterday for the first time and enjoyed a delicious carrot/apple/ginger juice. We clicked cups and said, "Cheers!"

Ruby Juice is now on my list of favorite spots in Cheyenne. I plan on stopping by this morning before I go to the office. Think I'll have the "Ruby Sunrise" (carrot/apple/beet juice).

Speaking of juice -- my brand new Hurom juicer arrived yesterday! Today I will be making my first juice. Gotta get ready for the big "Juice Off" in Boston against my son Lucas who is an expert juicer. GAME ON!


Lynn Proctor said...

another juice that sounds yummy--enjoy your new one :)

Luana said...

Lynn: It was very tasty. I now have a punch card for Ruby Juice. Thinking about having lunch there today. Cream of Broccoli soup.

Craig Edwards said...


Luana said...

Craig: Cheers!