Friday, January 09, 2009

Dog Whisperer

I discovered this show a couple of weeks ago on the National Geographic Channel. Now we are taping every episode and are totally addicted. Cesar Millan is an absolute miracle worker. I wish I knew about this program when we had our dog Britt. She was a great dog but I always had trouble walking her on the leash.

His theory of Calm Assertive Energy is amazing. Over the years, I've read almost every dog training book ever published and I've never seen anything like what Cesar does. It has to do with the psychological aspects of understanding dog behavior.

He understands that dogs are animals, not people. That's a hard thing to teach dog owners. They treat their dogs like babies or children, giving them human emotions. Cesar's motto is the rehabilitate the dog and train the owners. He says that there's isn't a dog that he can't handle. Even vicious dogs like pit bulls.

He usually solves behavior problems in just an hour or two. Watching this show, I realize that I did quite a few things wrong with Britt. If we ever get another dog, I'll be ready.


Danny Dunne said...

By coincidence I watched some of the Dog Whisperer this evening. Nice picture of your dog!

I'm very impressed with your eye catching site. Love those movie columns. Dial M for Movies--is that a great column title or what?


Luana Krause said...

Thanks, Danny.

But that's not my dog. I got the photo online. My dog Britt was laid to rest several years ago. We didn't get another dog...but maybe some day. Britt was a Britney Spaniel/Chow cross.

The Siberian Husky is a breed that I would like to have. The ones I've known have been really good dogs. And they are so very beautiful, aren't they?