Saturday, August 29, 2009

15 Books that Changed My Life

I found this challenge on one of the blogs I follow called the Writing Bug. In 15 minutes, list 15 books that impacted your life.Here are mine:

Gone With the Wind (I read it as a teen when I was going through a difficult time in my family. It was a way for me to escape to another world. I read this book 13 times.)

Watership Down (The most imaginative and creative book I've ever read. My all-time favorite novel.)

Anne of Green Gables (Anne was everything I wanted to be: smart, funny, creative and adventurous. )

Roots (Fascinating story of Black history in America. Inspired the best TV miniseries ever created.)

On Writing (Best book about the craft of writing I've ever read.)

Chronicles of Narnia (Christian allegory at its best.)

Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis tackles apologetics brilliantly. )

Night (Elie Wiesel's biographical novel about his experience in a concentration camp. Heartbreakingly tragic.)

The Diary of Anne Frank (Inspired me to be a writer of life.)

The Kent Family Chronicles (John Jakes made American History exciting in this series of historical novels.)

A Christmas Carol (I read it every Christmas. It's become a tradition. I'm always amazed at how food is so highly prized in Victorian England. The family applauds when the main course is served. These people know how to enjoy their meals.)

White Fang (A wonderful story about love and hope. I'm a dog lover and this book inspired me to write my dog anthology.)

The Chosen (I learned a lot about the faith and practice of the Orthodox Jew. I also love stories where young people pursue their dreams, despite family opposition.)

Without Feathers/Getting Even/Side Effects (Woody Allen's collection of short stories and essays. Absolutely hilarious.)

The Bible (My daily bread.)

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