Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Saturday Night

It's so fun to hang out with my friend J. R. We have so much in common, including our love for coffee, chocolate and movies. We went to the movies yesterday and saw The Proposal (Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds)...a romantic comedy with a serious message about marriage, family and honesty. We could have done without the male stripper scene. Yoiks! I much prefer Oscar Nunez as the gay accountant in "The Office."

My favorite scenes were the dance in the woods and the accidental naked encounter.

Afterwards we spent several hours at Applebees. J R had the Chicken Quesedilla and a side salad (which just happened to be as big as a house; we thought it would be smaller...OY!) I had the Sante Fe Chicken Salad. Yum! After the meal we had coffee and discussed purses, spiritual warfare and guinea pigs.

It was 8:30 when we left the restaurant so we decided to stop by her house, pick up some gourmet chocolate and some films and go to my house to finish the party. I made popcorn and we watched Hangman's Curse (a family detective team solves a murder mystery at a high school). I was pleased to see Mel Harris as the Mom (loved her in "thirtysomething") and David Keith as the Dad ("Firestarter" and "Heartbreak Hotel.")

Speaking of "thirtysomething," I heard the first season DVD will be released next week! YAY!

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