Friday, September 02, 2011

Friday Flicks: The Bad Seed

I saw this movie years ago on TV and it still creeps me out. It's the story of a little girl who plays piano, wears pretty dresses and murders anyone who gets in her way. Her mother is horrified when she realizes that her precious daughter has the same genetic disposition for cold blooded murder as her biological grandmother, a notorious serial killer. Our community theatre is producing this play for our 2011-12 season.


Craig Edwards said...

It's a really creepy movie - and Patty McCormick is wonderful in it. The Hollywoodized ending is a bit much, but for 98% of the way this one is dead on (pun intended). Did you see the TV movie remake in the 80's? How about the clever flipside movies Mommy and Mommy 2 starring Patty McCormick as a homicidal mother? Well chosen, ma'am!

Luana Krause said...

Craig: I could never bring myself to see the remake. I don't think I could be objective since I enjoyed the original so much. I supposed I should be more open minded.