Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tuesday Tunes: A Fifth of Beethoven

Cool disco tune from Saturday Night Fever. Get out your dancing shoes.


anthony stemke said...

I cannot use the player to watch this (I'm computer illiterate, need to find a buddy to help me) but I know what you are talking about.
I was woring in a grain elevator and a worker acted like he was Tony from Sat Night Fever. I often wondered why he didn't wear a white suit to work (it was a very dusty place). But the funny thing was: when Travolta's Urban Cowboy came out, all of a sudden he came to work with a big cowboy hat on.
But I loved the music AND the dancing in that movie.

Luana Krause said...

Anthony: Disco music was a blast. It was really the first popular couples dance music since the 1950s Lindy hop and jitterbug.

To hear the music just go to youtube.com and type Fifth of Beethoven in the search box. Several videos will pop up and you can listen.

Zelda said...

John Travolta was amazing in that movie. Who knew he could dance?

Craig Edwards said...

I really enjoyed this music back in the day - my cousin had the soundtrack album to SNF and we would play it over and over when I went over to his house for sleepovers, alternating it with the Grease soundtrack. Good times! Fun song!