Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Sally Rogers

Welcome to the A to Z Blogging Challenge where I will post on a word
featuring a different letter of the alphabet each day of the month of April.
My theme for this challenge is Female TV Characters.

Sally Rogers - "The Dick Van Dyke Show"
THE STORY: Sally Rogers is part of a comedy writing team for "The Alan Brady Show." She works with Rob Petrie and Buddy Sorrell. Rob is married to Laura and they have a son named Richie. Buddy is married to Pickles. Sally is single and on the lookout for a husband. 

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: It's the 1960s and most women are married and taking care of their children. Not Sally. She's a career woman who writes for a successful TV show! How cool is that? But Sally doesn't see it that way. Her goal in life is to be married. She has trouble meeting eligible men because they are turned off by her assertive personality. They want a vaporous, feminine creature, not someone with a brain and a sharp wit. Chin up, Sally. You're gonna make it after all!

How would you like to be a comedy writer for a TV show? What show?


Luana Krause said...

Sally Rogers had my dream job: to write comedy for TV. She broke the mold in the 1950s/60s. Too bad she had to follow the societal expectations of trying to get a husband.

Luana Krause said...

To answer my own question: I would have liked to have written for the Carol Burnett Show, Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Seinfeld.

Laura S. said...

Hello, Luana! I don't watch much TV, but I do love the show Friends; I have all the seasons on DVD. It would've been fun to write for that sitcom!

Hope your weekend is filled with laughter and happy A to Z!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome theme.

Luana Krause said...

Laura: Friends was great. That would be fun to write.

Luana Krause said...

Laura: Friends was great. That would be fun to write.

Luana Krause said...

rhi: thanks for stopping by!

Dana said...

I loved her! That's a great show.

Craig Edwards said...

I love Rose Marie - she reminds me some of my maternal grandmother. I loved when she showed up on The Monkees too. She and Morey Amsterdam were terrific together!

I wrote one line of dialogue for an episode of the CBS series American Gothic - and it was a funny line - so I'm counting myself a comedy writer! It was a blast!