Friday, April 06, 2012

F is for Florida Evans

Welcome to the A to Z Blogging Challenge where I will post on a word
featuring a different letter of the alphabet each day of the month of April.
My theme for this challenge is Female TV Characters.

Florida Evans- "Good Times"

THE STORY: Florida, her husband James and three children (J.J., Thelma and Michael) are a working class family living in Chicago. The family struggles to make ends meet, but enjoy the "good times" as well.   

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: With three children, a husband who works two jobs, and the family living in the "projects," Florida has her hands full. Her best friend is her neighbor Willona, who often pops in to say hello. Florida needs a vacation, perhaps to Florida to walk on the beach, soak up the sun and sip on a Mai Tai. Ah, good times!

Do you have any memories of Chicago? All I know about Chicago is from the Broadway musical. "Start the car I know a whoopee spot/where the gin is cold but the piano's hot."


Pa Ul said...

Florida Evans must be a great actress then.
Do check out my F at GAC a-z

Luana said...

Pa Ul: She was amazing. So glad she got her own show spinoff from Maude.

Craig Edwards said...

Which makes her show a spinoff of a spinoff - and we say there are too many Law and Orders and CSIs now! I always enjoyed Good Times - and Florida was so cool. I never worked with her - but I did work with next door neighbor Wilhemina - the great Ja'net DuBois - she was a lot of fun! Another corker choice! Cheers!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Florida is one of the best female character actors on television.

And Chicago...well, I was born there, and I've been through the airport a lot, and I've been there on business, but big cities are just not my thing.

Unknown said...

Cool post on a lovely actress!

--Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

Twitter: @AprilA2Z

Jessica L. Celaya said...

I've never heard of that show. This is a cool theme for the A-Z challenge. Thanks for posting.

Luana Krause said...

Craig: That's awesome that you worked with Ja'net DuBois! She was hilarious on that show. She always put J.J. in his place. Actually, everyone put J.J. in his place. But he needed it. That boy was over the top.

Luana Krause said...

Patricia: I agree, I think this was the first TV show to star a black female actress after "Julia" starring Diahann Carroll.

Chicago is featured in a lot of songs and movies...and the art scene rocks!

Luana Krause said...

Damyanti: Florida totally deserves her time in the spot light.

Luana Krause said...

Jessica: You've got to check it out. It's very funny. You'll learn a lot about 70s culture. Look at it as a research project. LOL